My Hernia

What is a Hernia?

Let’s get right down to it.

What is a hernia?

Sorry about that. I should not have said what is a hernia because before we talk about what a hernia is we must first discuss muscle. This muscle we speak of is usually covered in a tissue that gives it strength. That strength giving tissue is called fascia. Are you with me so far? Great. 

Now, for the reason you came here, a hernia. A hernia is a hole in this fascia or muscle. This hole can be very small or it can be huge. It can be present at birth (congenital) or can develop over time (acquired). The hernias that develop at birth will sometimes heal on their own as you grow and sometimes require surgery. The hernias that develop over time can be caused by lifting some thing, coughing, a natural weakness in the abdomen, or it could happen after you have had surgery. 

There are many kinds of hernias with most of them being located in various parts of the abdomen. Some common places that hernias occur are the belly button, the groin, or the location of an incision where you had surgery. If you think you might have one of these hernias, you should go see a doctor or some kind of medical professional. Perhaps a nurse or a physicians assistant. You could even ask a medical school student. They might know a thing or two about hernias. I still recommend going to see a full fledged, board certified doctor of some kind. 

Below we have a picture of a baby with a hernia. This baby was most likely born with the hernia. An umbilical hernia. It is less likely that this baby go a hernia from heavy lifting or improper lifting. Let’s be realistic here people. This baby might need surgery and it might not. We will leave that up to a doctor to figure out.

What is a hernia?

This is a hernia baby. It has an umbilical hernia.

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