My Hernia

What to Ask Your Doctor

What to ask your Doctor:

• What is a hernia?
• What are the symptoms of a hernia?
• What type of hernia do I have?
• What caused my hernia to develop?
• Am I likely to develop hernias elsewhere?
• Will my hernia go away?
• Is it harmful to push my hernia back in?
• Do I need any additional tests to confirm the diagnosis?

• Do I need to have an operation to fix my hernia?
• What happens if I don’t have my hernia fixed?
• What are the different ways my hernia can be fixed?
• How will you repair my hernia?
• What type of anesthesia will I need?
• Is some sort of reinforcement used, like mesh, to fix my hernia?
• What type of risks are associated with surgery?
• How long does the operation take?
• How long will I have to stay in the hospital
• What are the chances my hernia will come back after being fixed?
• If I dont’t have an operation, what can I do to prevent if from getting bigger?

• Will I need pain medications after the operation?
• How long will I have to be off work?
• How quickly can I resume my normal activities?
• Can I climb stairs after the operation?
• When can I drive?
• When can I shower or bathe after my operation?
• What limitations will there be on activity after the operation?
• Will I need a follow-up appointment?
• How soon after my surgery can I travel?
• Is there anything I can do to prevent my hernia from coming back?

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